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SGP, Vienna, Austria (Ras Djinet, Algerien)
Quality assurance (fossil power station) Preparation of QA-Documents

Oerlikon Bührle, Zurich
Support in project management "Addats" (military equipment); Project supervision and planning

ABB Traffic Systems, Zurich
Support in project management "LUL" (London Underground Line) Project supervision and planning 


Nuclear power station Mühleberg (KKM)
Introduction of an integrated works management system (IBFS) Support in Introduction of a QA System and preparation of QA-Procedures Support in periodical reliability reviews. Fire protection analysis. Plant life extension and aging management

Nuclear power station Beznau
Fire protection analysis


IbH Ingenieurbüro E. Haffmann, Erlangen / Germany
Introduction of an integrated works management system (IBFS) in different power stations (Hydro- and nuclear) in Germany

Siemens Cerberus, Männedorf
Development of fire extinguishing techniques. Development of new fire suppression equipment and procedures.


Union of Indemnity Insurance Cologne (VdS)
Scientific support (modeling) in fire protection techniques. Development of qualification software for fire suppresion installations..

Concept studies about fire detection and fire cause analysis COBE: Software for assessment of all security relevant installations in Switzerland

Eidgenössisches Nuklearsicherheitsinspektorat - ENSI
Development of software package ACTIVITY (propaganation of particles within a building) and VENTOPT (release of radioactivity to the environment after a severe accident)


Development of the standard software package for designing pressure retaining vessels and systems

Novartis (Ciba-Geigy)
Determistic and prbabilistic assessment of risk in HF-transportation within the premises of Klybeck (reference study according to the ordnance on incidents)


CO2 balance of electricity considering export-import trade (including simulation of European power grids)


ETH Zurich (Institute of process engineering)
Design and co-supervision of pilot experiment REVENT (release of aerosols during venting of the containments after a severe reactor accident)

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
Desing of the production installation BIOMETH (production of methanol by gasification of wood)
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